A place to discover

We’re creating a campus in the heart of Christchurch, New Zealand. A work in progress, designed to be a living, working campus — an ongoing project where we will shape, together, the society we're after.

It will be a reinvention of a Christchurch landmark and an economic engine for the city — drawing thousands of visitors every year and helping to continue the revitalisation of a post earthquake city.

Terrible Forum

A public meeting space to discuss, explore and develop fresh ideas. Where people of all backgrounds can come together. Visitors might see a performance in the auditorium, create something in the studio, or even grab a bite in the Cafe. Like much of the centre, the majority of this space will be free and open to the public.

Change Incubator

1500SQM will be dedicated to igniting social enterprises and fostering communities within Christchurch and indeed further afield, through a unique incubation partnership combining our strength with others.

There will be no restriction on access or type of organisation, group or individual.