We challenge inequalities, by helping great ideas to thrive!

We’re a global charitable foundation, both politically and financially independent. Supporting incredible organisations & individuals, tackling, major problems, stoking imaginations and sparking debate.

What's The Mission

We exist to challenge inequalities. Working towards a inclusive society where all are valued and treated equally, able to influence decisions affecting their wellbeing.

What We Believe

Everyone has a right to realise their potential, and to live free of poverty in a secure and more equitable world. We believe that such a world is possible and that our efforts can facilitate it's creation.

People have a right to life and security; to a sustainable livelihood; to be heard; to have an identity; and to have access to basic social services. In poverty people have little or none of these and very little opportunity for development.

Poverty is rooted in inequality, and the poor have little resilience in the face of natural disasters, human violence, oppression and environmental damage. Women and girls are often the most oppressed by poverty; their needs and rights must be central to eliminating it.

Global co-operation and a cohesive strategy is necessary to meet the challenges of this century - climate change, famines, increasing food prices, humanitarian crises, energy limitations, urbanisation, and declining natural resources.

Governments should be accountable to their people, and all society’s institutions – corporations, organisations and groups including us – should be accountable for the impact of their actions.

Interested in playing your part?

Terrible may have ambitious goals but together we stand a chance of achieving them!