Challenging inequality

Enable everyone, regardless of race, creed, class, colour, religion, sex, sexuality, age or ability to participate in those decisions effecting their lives, environment and opportunities.

This is a huge challenge and lies at the root of everything we do. Inequality is a global issue and extensive. We have therefore defined a set of focus areas to help you better understand are intent.

Political Process & Involvement

Governance is essentially concerned with the management of public institutions, affairs and resources. The governed being involved in both decision making and the process by which those decisions are, or are not, implemented.

Idealistic? Yes, especially as there is an expectation that good government should respond to the desires of the community it serves and be held accountable by that community.

All to often the privileged few govern and the voices of the ordinary people are ignored. Leading to a situation where ordinary people become disaffected, no longer engage in the political process and are distrustful of government decisions.

How do we make the political process more relevant to the people it serves?

How do we create an environment where people can freely express opinion, understand and challenge decisions?

By reducing barriers to participation and encouraging civil society to organise and collectively champion causes. To enable informed understanding of decisions and access to the information required to determine outcomes from decisions. Essentially to make government and the machinary of government accessible, intelligible and relevant to the people it serves.

Freedom of Expression

Stories are the fabric of society; painting pictures of the past, where we've been and where we could go. They might reinforce the status quo or challenge it. They may echo stories in other cultures and emphasis similarities or differences. Good stories, like ideas, can take root, flourish and be transformative. Oftentimes there is a resistance to change, reflected in the suppression of those telling stories in whatever medium they choose.

We support initiatives that enable storytelling from multiple perspectives and media through organisations whose own values are demonstrably aligned with ours

Knowledge & Growth

Development depends on access to natural and human resources. Being smart demands that we do so in a sustainable manner so that both current and future generations are not adversely impacted by today's decisions. Unfortunately control of resources has always been coverted by those seeking dominance, excluding those most impacted by exploitation of the resource. There are numerous examples from ivory poaching to deforestation.

We support initiatives that facilitate careful, sustainable use of resources, where the wider impacts of that resource consumption have been evaluated and encompass all those directly and indirectly impacted. We are particularly interested in those initiatives that help marginalised and repressed communities to develop in harmony with their surroundings.

Equitable & Social Justice

Social justice is the equitable distribution of resources and opportunities without regard to all those factors used to categorise people; race, gender, ethnic background, religion and many other attributes.

We support those that oppose discrimination, break down barriers and help create a more inclusive society.

Apportionable Wealth

Ideally economic opportunity and prosperity are widely shared regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or caste. Inequality threatens greater economic inclusion by stifling opportunities and reducing innovation.

We look for initiatives that take a longer term, sustainable view on opportunities for the under-privileged or excluded. By long term we mean not only any immediate benefit of increased wealth but also the impact that that wealth will have in the years to come.

Advancing Internet Freedom

The internet has become a global source of information (and mis-information). Given that access to assimilable, relevant information is key to everything we do in life this is a good thing. Whilst acknowledging that the internet is no information panacea we should still strive to keep it honest and subservient to the needs of the public. This requires an open governance model with technically sophisticated and distributed organisations working toward an inclusive internet policy supportive of unhindered access to information.

Youth Development

There has been enormous global progress in access to primary education around the globe but very patchy support for those transitioning into work from school; a time when young adults make important life shaping decisions. This is especially so for those from impoverished backgrounds and/or minorities.

We support initiatives that help young adults make informed decisions as part of their transition from the school environment. Initiatives that help them appreciate the opportunities available and provide pathways to achievement.

Interested in playing your part?

Terrible may have ambitious goals but together we stand a chance of achieving them!