How You Could help

Change your broadband provider to Terrible Talk

Terrible Talk provides a wide range of broadband services; With up to 10 gigabits per second, do whatever you want, whenever you want. The best part 100% of the profits are donated to causes you care about.

Get a SideKick!

Imagine life where everything is taken care of. Where all your digital activity is managed for you. Meet SideKick, an intelligent digital concierge capable of (literally) anything - whilst funding the foundation's work.

Simply put, it's a digital tool to help you enjoy yourself. Use our extremely powerful interactive intelligent system to offload the mundane chores leaving you more time to do what matters most.

TaaS (Terrible as a Service

Much like the name suggest TaaS is the foundation's managed services unit. Creating and maintaining unique commercial solutions for wholesale and retail businesses, solving both corporate and government issues.

Interested in playing your part?

Terrible may have ambitious goals but together we stand a chance of achieving them!