Life on autopilot.

Imagine, life where everything is taken care of.
Meet SideKick, an intelligent assistance capable of (literally) anything.

Let's take the effort out of life.

Overload the mundane parts!

We've all wanted more time for the things that matter; well what if you could stop worrying about all the clutter and just focus on what matters most to you?

That's where side kick comes in, he's your always ready digital helper. It's like having not just an extra pair of hands but another person!

Give me an example

SideKick takes the effort out of most daily tasks. Below we've listed a few that we find extremely useful.

  • Manage your finances

    SideKick can (if you'll allow it) pay your bills and help you save.

    Everything from, mortgages to boring bits like your income tax.

  • Performing daily tasks

    If you're too busy (or Lazy) to wash your clothes and do you're own shopping. Don't worry Sidekick can arrange a both for you. Along with loads of other tasks.

  • Helping with homework

    We don't mean "let me arrange a tutor; Sidekick can help by answering questions and even checking it's correct!

  • Replaced the calendar

    Let Sidekick prompt you throughout the day; he'll manage the schedule.

    For example SideKick can arrange birthday and anniversary presents without you doing everything!

  • Organise an event

    Seriously; just answer a series of questions and SideKick takes care of the rest.

  • Buying Takeaway

    Our personal favourite; fancy a pizza or Indian? well just ask Sidekick will take your order & arrange delivery with the restaurant

    Pretty neat and a massive time saver for us.

Well what are
you waiting for?

  • SideKick for You

    Perfect, if you're just looking after yourself.

  • SideKick for Family

    Designed for any small family, looking for a digital concierge.

SideKick for family is designed for up to four people who are related for non-commercial use.
SideKick helps Terrible Foundation facilitate change by funding our work. Do not use this service, if do not wish to assist in the creation of a more equitable society.
Terrible Foundation will terminate your SideKick access should you infringe our ethical standards.
This service is designed for non-commercial use, please visit Terrible Assist(ance) for commercial implementations.