What We Do

We believe in the inherent dignity of all people. Yet around the world, billions of people are excluded from full participation in the political, economic, and cultural systems that shape their lives.

That's why we support curious, passionate people all over the world to explore great ideas, at every step of the way from discovery to impact.

We also identify areas where we can give focused, intensive support when there are real opportunities to transform lives, or we can drive reform to ensure that ideas reach their full potential.

Driving reform, and global advancement

We drive reform within our focus areas, with clear targets for how to make a difference in those areas. That helps us bring together strands of our existing efforts, and work with others who have different perspectives.

We advance ideas

Supporting ideas has always been central to our approach. We also stimulate ideas and pursue many of our own.

Areas where we encourage ideas are;

  • Civic Engagement & Government
  • Inclusive Economies
  • Internet Freedom
  • Youth Learning & Opportunity
  • Gender, Racial, & Ethnic Justice
  • Equitable Development
  • Free Expression & Creativity